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C.H.A.C.O Dog Training & Behavior Consulting is located in the Santa Fe, New Mexico area. I assume you are visiting my website because you need training for your dog. You are not alone! Although many dogs clearly have rich and enjoyable lives, an urban environment puts a lot of demands on our pets—and on us. Moreover, many guardians lack accurate information about their dog’s needs. So it should come as no surprise that too many dogs are bored, under-socialized, afraid, aggressive, or under-stimulated. Dogs who have been given no clear boundaries often become the rulers of their households!

I am a dog trainer because I am nuts about dogs! I care about their lives and their well-being. I know that effective training results in well-behaved and social dogs—and dogs that are friendly and well-adjusted are a pleasure to live with. Ultimately, I believe, good training means that fewer dogs will be living in shelters or put to death, not to mention how much joy well-trained dogs can add to our lives!

If you train your dog, you will enjoy your dog more. So please look over my site and learn about my approach to training and the services I offer. I will be glad to answer your questions about your dog's behavior and to share dog management resources. Please get in touch with me, if I can help with your dog-training needs.

Thank you for visiting!

Almudena Ortiz Cué

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