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"I called Almudena to speak with her about some areas that I needed help/clarification with regarding Blackie, my collie. Blackie responded to her immediately and was receptive to the different ttouchs that were being demonstrated on him. Afterwards he was much calmer and more focused, allowing me more time to work grooming him. The biggest challenge for me was his pulling on the lead. After Almudena showed me a different approach his pulling decreased greatly the very first time . . . much less stress for us both now! I really enjoyed the time spent with Almudena she is very professional and clear in her knowledge and communication, explaining fully and in great detail. She was very encouraging of my efforts!! I feel Blackie and I are much better for the time she spent with us."
    —Wendy S. & Blackie, Santa Fe, NM


"Thanks to you, Nikko has turned out to be a PERFECT gentleman and the most enjoyable dog on earth. We loved working with you."
    —Margeaux, Santa Fe, NM


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