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"It was a pleasure working with Almudena. Not only did she work incredibly well with our dog, she also has excellent people skills. We were constantly supported, gently corrected when necessary, and always felt valued and listened to. We have put her training suggestions into use and our dog, Molly, is a happy camper and seems to enjoy our interactions with her even more. Thank you so much, Almudena, for all that you have done for the three of us!"
    —Joanie, Jim and Miss Molly, Santa Fe, NM


"We reached out to Almudena when our puppy Leo was one year old. He was completely out of control terrorizing our small children, mouthing, jumping on, and growling at neighbors and friends who would visit. We were seriously thinking about taking him back to the animal shelter. Almudena helped us first and foremost to develop a relationship with the dog. Once we had a relationship with him, she helped us to train him so that he had some manners and I could trust him with the children. Leo is now two years old and is a loving member of our family. Thank you Almudena for your professional expertise in bringing peace to our family."
    —Julie W. Hill, Santa Fe, NM


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