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I am so excited to share with you a new book:Roja! The Crazy and Fun Adventures of a Smart Little Dog with Magical Powers and the Family who Adopted Her (ages 8-12); a project that has been in the works for some time written in collaboration with Marcos Ortiz Cué and illustrated by Macarena Blanco Ortiz (my brother and niece!)

This book presents the story of two children and a dog whose experiences help them learn and care about each other. The children (and their parents) discover what it means to have a pet dog. We are talking here about real dogs—not dogs like Snoopy or Lassie—along with the consequences and responsibilities of welcoming a dog into our lives. Rioja (Ree-oh-ja), the dog, learns that living in a people’s world presents challenges, but also offers much to be grateful for. The primary goal of this book is to educate parents and children about the needs of their dogs, because once those needs are met consistently, the families win too.... Click here to continue reading & purchase book. 



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