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About Almudena

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In addition to private dog training and group classes, I offer one-on-one consultations on behavior modification and group dog-training classes:

  • Where applicable, I use body awareness techniques such as Tellington TTouch® to help dogs cope with stress, anxiety, fear and aggression. I have worked closely with veterinarians and dog physical therapists in an effort to provide my clients with a holistic approach for their dogs.
  • I am keenly interested in working with dogs with such emotional issues as fear, aggression and anxiety.

My commitment to educating about dog behavior and animal learning has led me to offer free educational programs for the general public on these topics.

Besides missing my dog Laika, I train and work with my dogs Rioja (AKA: Rio) and Deuce daily. Deuce, being a Border Collie, loves Wednesdays when we go sheepherding. 

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