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Training Options

In addition to the Boutique puppy & dog training classes: less barking, more personal attention and more learning… the blog contains information on special events such as:

Free Educational Programs
If you are curious and want to learn more about dogs join me in any of my free programs. The topics discussed range from how dogs learn (learning theory), dog play styles and safety at the dog park, clicker training, fear and aggression in dogs, and separation anxiety to information and demonstration on the Tellington TTouch® method. Please link to the news blog or via e-mail so I can keep you informed of upcoming programs and lectures.

Customized Programs for Veterinarians, Dog Walkers and Groomers
I also offer free educational programs tailored to the needs of your business. I am available to consult with you and your staff to resolve dog behavior related issues at your place of business such as how to deal with a dog that does not like to be handled and needs to be groomed, or a dog that might lung and bark at other dogs while in the waiting room. For Dog Walkers there are a myriad of techniques that I can teach you that will make your walks safer and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Class Cancellation Policy: C.H.A.C.O Dog Training is a small venue and cannot afford to offer refunds for classes not taken. Please plan accordingly before enrolling in one of my classes or workshops.

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