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Chaco Dog Training

Dog-Friendly & People Friendly Training

My training techniques are dog-friendly (i.e., based on positive reinforcement), which means that they are not coercive.

  • There is no hitting, pulling on choke chains, yelling, startling, or forcing the dog in any way.
  • Instead, the dog is reinforced in a variety of ways for desirable behaviors. I might motivate him using food (one of the most powerful motivators!), toys, games, or other privileges (such as a walk or a chew bone).

These methods are also people-friendly and safe: even a small child can interact with a dog in this way. This approach is effective because it is based on learning theory (an understanding of how animals actually learn), rather than on speculations or fads.

And these methods are humane. There is no reason to use coercive & cruel methods when our goal is to develop a relationship of mutual trust and cooperation between you and your dog.

A people and dog-friendly approach requires setting and teaching (fair) rules and boundaries for the dog. It also requires that we learn how to manage consequences for behavior. Although some people may believe that positive reinforcement methods are permissive, or that we are bribing the dog to “like” us, these views reveal a superficial understanding of learning theory.

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